Record SID as MP3 by Command Line

You can record SID as MP3 by command line using the following minimum options:

java -jar jsidplay2-console-4.7.jar (1)
--audio LIVE_MP3 (2)
  1. Launch command-line version

  2. Record audio output as MP3 (and listen live on Soundcard)


Turrican_2-The_Final_Fight.sid --startSong 4 --single true --audio LIVE_MP3

In this example we record the tune Turrican_2-The_Final_Fight.sid starting with song 4. Since the SID file contains multiple songs and we want to record only song 4, we use the option named single.

The result is a file called Turrican-04.mp3, this is because the sub-song 4 will be part of the filename.

If you prefer not to listen the tune while recording, simply use option:
--audio MP3 (1)
  1. Record as MP3 but we don’t want to listen using our soundcard meanwhile. Beside that record time is much faster.

If you prefer to record only certain voices of a tune you are able to mute voices this way:
--muteVoice1 true(1)
  1. Mute voice 1 (of the main SID). See usage to mute other voices as well.

If you want only to record a specific time range of the SID:
--startTime 01:26  --defaultLength 01:30 (1)
  1. Start song at 1 minute and 26 seconds and record for one and a half minute.

You can change the quality settings of MP3 recordings this way:
--cbr 160 (1)
--vbr true --vbrQuality 0 (2)
  1. Bitrate in kbps (-1=auto, 32 40 48 56 64 80 96 112 128 160 192 224 256 320)

  2. or alternatively use variable bitrate and highest quality (0=best, 5=medium, 9=worst)